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24/7 Support Assistance

Empowering businesses by equipping them with a highly specialized team for customer support service, back office work, online store management and more.

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Front End

Our team understands your business objectives and creates top-notch solutions that meet your needs leveraging the best front-end development technologies and practices.

Email Templates

Successfully completing over dozens of HTML email templates, our dedicated developers can complete your innovative design requirements using proven methodologies and ensure to provide high-quality email design templates the way you want.

Software Quality

Inteliqo offer website testing and expert application quality assurance solutions. Entrust this work to our SQA-engineers who are capable of both Manual & Automated testing and you’ll find not only increased business productivity, but more time to complete other tasks.

Live Chat Support

Thrive at your business with around 24/7 chat support for your customers, clients and website visitors and provide best support to end user round the clock.

Email Support

No email goes missing, and the customers remain happy and satisfied with the quick email responses. Get the coverage of email inquiries with professional support round the clock and set up your own SLA.

Phone Support

Provide more personalize support to your customer through our Phone Support. it's never easy but with the best expert and professional staff on board, you can do it with Inteliqo phone support.

Short Term Rentals

We have team of experts managing Short Term & Vacation Rentals including Airbnb, Homeaway, etc with more than 5 years of proven experience. We provide 24/7 coverage and provide best solutions required for hospitality-centric needs right out of the box.

Property Manager

Inteliqo services have helped property management companies increase their revenue, more tenants, and more managed processes and functions in order to improve operations. We know your audience as well as you do, and we know how to handle all the aspects of any property.

Virtual Assistant

Would you like to handle all of your tasks more efficiently? Do you need someone to professionally manage all of your responsibilities? Delegate your tasks, scheduling, support etc. to your personal assistant and get rid of worries.

Admin Support

We have a proven track record and excellent customer service that will save you time and money. Implementing our administrative support services allows you and your team to focus on your core business, knowing your office processes are being managed by professionals.

Order Processing

Here at Inteliqo, we understand the need for efficient order processing and have a team of experts dedicated solely to processing online orders. Our professionals carefully review and verify all components of the order before processing, ensuring a smooth selling experience.

Web Research

Inteliqo’s web research services offer a one stop solution for all your online and offline research. Our professionals can provide high quality results with cost efficient services to aid businesses with the resourceful insights while helping you get your desired results.

Our Services

How We Can Help

Inteliqo is uniquely focused on delivering experience to global brands through technology, analytics and back office resulting in improved end-user experiences. Your competitors, with better customer service, can easily take away your satisfied customers. Inteliqo’s portfolio sections show that we’re the best Outsourcing service provider.
Inteliqo is offering outsourcing service globally from Pakistan. In today’s competitive business environment, companies cannot be easily providing services that only produce satisfied customers. Inteliqo provides innovative outsourcing solutions that add unmatched value to consumer products and services for end customers.


Customer Support

Quality Assurance

Administrative & Virtual Assistance


Get Your Business More Efficient

We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of services, with a focus on commitment, performance, and communication.

We have developed Inteliqo with a broad vision in mind to provide the best service to our clients and help their businesses and ideas prosper with the use of smart, innovative, and user-friendly solutions. Our team combines the spirit of technical excellence with a strong commitment to delivering a delightful end-to-end customer experience. The innovative key-employee retention policies and incentives that we have structured ensure that our key employees stay with Inteliqo for the long term, thus delivering incremental value to our clients, as we understand their business better. 

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Efficiency, Productivity, Attention to Detail

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Ahsan Khan

Our Team

Meet Our Executive Team Member

We are a team of unconventional career paths, and this diversity of thought and background fuels unbridled innovation. We create innovative and smart solutions while maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients in us as our most competitive asset.


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