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Scalable and Flexible Email Support Services to Help Enhance Your Customer Relationship!

Customers expect businesses to respond quickly to their emails, no matter how busy the business is. One way to overcome this lag time is to outsource your email support services from a professional team.
By outsourcing our Email Support, you will receive top-notch email support services to cater to your customers. We can provide you with a highly skilled Email Support team who can perform 24/7 Email services¬†for your Business. Our excellent email support services provide full assistance with product/service verification, complaint resolution and guidance. Our team of professionals works hard to meet our customers’ SLA, and at Inteliqo, we understand our customers’ needs and first-class quality metrics. Our exponential knowledge of respected tools allows us to resolve queries within a turnaround time.

Advantages of Our Email Support Serives

Outsourcing email support services can help you respond quickly to your customers and help you channel your energies towards key areas of your business.

Cost Effective and 24/7 services

We empower organizations with affordable and 24/7 email support services to meet all requirements and keep your brand reputation intact.

Experienced and trained Team

We have an experienced and trained team that assists us to handle your simple and complex project requirements and provide quality support to your customers.

Rapid Email Responses

With an email support team solely dedicated to your customers, you can ensure that your customers will get quick responses to their emails.


We help you solve your Email Support Services requirements, allowing you to focus on core business functions, thereby increasing your productivity.

Email Support Outsourcing Service

Customer support is continuously evolving together with the changing lifestyles and demands of end-users. From using phone calls to enabling the use of emails, customer service has had its fair share of fallbacks that led to the development of channels maximizing on faster and easier communication.

Organizations receive tons of emails from their customers. It is not always possible for companies to respond to these e-mails quickly and accurately. In this digital age, customers expect their emails to be answered within a reasonable response time and all issues will be resolved with initial email support.
Our expertise in email support services will help you achieve your ideal customer relationship management goals. Our professionals are well equipped to handle all customer queries and respond to emails on your behalf. We handle emails quickly, which leads to increased customer satisfaction. All emails will be secure and confidential as we will strictly adhere to data privacy SLAs. With our seamless support, you will feel that we are just an extension of your team.

Get email support for your business today.

Reach us to begin a coordinated effort custom fitted precisely to your requirements and objectives.

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