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The 360-degree Solution Provider

At Inteliqo, our expert team harnesses the power of virtual support to drive real-world success for your business. With a commitment to delivering tangible results, we navigate the digital realm with precision and dedication, ensuring your business reaches new heights of excellence


Real Solutions, Virtually Delivered

At Inteliqo, We transform virtual assistance into tangible results, paving the way for your business triumphs.

We are a 360-degree solutions provider for all business operational needs/requirements. Be it Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, Clerical/administrative tasks, Data management/handling, Social media and website management, or even your Finance and Accounting needs, Inteliqo extends your in-house team to the offshores, staffs it with the dedicated and experienced professional and works closely with you to achieve business goals all while reducing your operational costs.

Our Mission

Inteliqo is committed to empowering businesses of every scale and size to thrive by providing them with tools, support, and resources to succeed. Our founder believes in building long-term relations, based on Trust, Integrity, Transparency, and Mutual success.

Why Us ?

What we bring to the table?

Inteliqo strives to connect and function as your offshore department taking the pain as part of the team. With the ability to work autonomously, adhere to standard operating procedures, and guidelines provided, Inteliqo empowers you to focus on more pressing issues or tasks on hand all while keeping you in the driving seat.

Customer Support

Quality Assurance

Administrative & Virtual Assistance

Solutions we provide

With immense experience and legacy, Inteliqo offers all-around solutions in Short term rental operations and management. We provide expert solutions in the following categories to not only STRs but to all businesses

Property Management

Inteliqo serves as a bridge between the departments and the guests to manage the day-to-day operations. Our experts specialize in Airbnb, VRBO, and all other OTAs when it comes to Property management worldwide.

24/7 Support

When it comes to handling bookings and Customer/Guest communication, Inteliqo provides round the clock support with highly experienced and dedicated teams. We ensure Seamless operations to augment the guest experience eventually amplifying the bookings/reservations.

Customer Services

Inteliqo, as your trusted partner, entrusts a team of highly skilled individuals, offering customized solutions to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize operational efficiency. From handling inquiries and providing support to managing appointments and processing orders, our virtual assistants are top-notch to delivering exceptional service.

Administrative Support

Need help with filing, Data management and CRM management? Inteliqo has got you covered. With mastery in operations and data management, our professionals will take on any task assigned to them, liberating the business owners from administrative burdens and high costs.

Business Development

Whether you are a startup looking to conduct market research and expand business or you are an established enterprise seeking assistance in managing social media and existing marketing campaigns, Intelqo is here to provide support. Our industry experts are well-versed with all the marketing tools and local gimmicks.

Accounting and Finance

Ineliqo’s Accounting and Finance team comprises Chartered Accountants with expertise in US taxation, bookkeeping and financial management. Regardless of the size or category of the business, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of accounting including but not limited to tax planning, preparation and compliance. We ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, minimizing liabilities and maximizing tax efficiency.

Ahsan Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Our Team

Meet Our Executive Team Member

Inteliqo is a Team of Veterans, garnering exceptional levels of expertise and professionalism, setting Inteliqo apart and making it a premier choice.

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